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Welcome to join the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Baltics

CCCB - the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Baltics was founded in 2016 and today the Chamber unites many companies and organizations, all with an interest in Chinese – Baltic business relations and international commerce, trade and investments. We are proud to note that companies and organizations based in China and Baltics as well as other countries are represented among our members.

Networking and exchange of information

One of the main tasks for CCCB is to create an environment for networking and exchange of information. CCCB is acting as a meeting place by arranging business focused activities as well as social events and sport tournaments for its members.

Presence on the market

Presence on the market is of vital importance for CCCB. We cooperate with prominent institutions, organizations and companies as well as the Chinese and Baltic Embassies. CCCB also acts as a host for business delegations and takes an active part in introducing Baltics and the Chinese market to them. By cooperating with other Chinese Chambers of Commerce abroad and foreign Chambers of Commerce in Estonia we make sure that CCCB keep up an International Outlook. Membership and Membership Fees Membership in CCCB is only granted to legal entities and the Chamber offers four levels of membership; Member, Professional member, Sponsor member and Dragon member levels.
The fee for Basic Membership is 199 € and the fee for other levels are 699 EUR, 1500 EUR and 10.000 EUR for Dragon membership.

SCCE Basic Membership benefits

New Member’s Introduction at :

• CCCB’s website:
• Member Company’s/Organization’s name and contacts listed at:
• The CCCB’s website
• Full rights to participate in CCCB’s annual General Assembly:
• Free of charge participation at the General Assembly Proceedings and Buffet
• Right to put forth comments, proposals and raise questions
• Right to vote (one Member Company/Organization = one vote)
• Full access at subsidized prices or free of charge participation in our activities and future issues of importance to commerce, trade and investments:
• Seminars
• Conferences
• Business breakfasts
• Business lunches
• After Business Hours Meetings
• Study visits
• Full access at subsidized prices or free of charge to CCCB’s social events:
• Summer Party
• Chinese New Years Party
• Christmas Party
• After Business Hours Get-togethers
• Excursions
• Full access at subsidized prices or free of charge in CCCB’s
• Floorball
• Football
• Golf
• Sports

We look forward to welcome you as a member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Baltics!

On behalf of the CCCB Council,

Anders Hedman
 CCCB Chairman
Jaan Uustalu
 CCCB Managing Director


MEMBER - 199 €

Join events.


Access all events.

SPONSOR - 1500 €

Extended program.

DRAGON - 10.000 €

Business & Network China Baltics.


Fill in the contact form to request the participation in the CCCB. Or call us at the chamber +372 644 6900 or email


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